Translucent Energy LLC Now Serving Small- to Mid-Sized Business Owners in Houston Texas

Houston, Texas (PRWEB) March 24, 2014

Translucent Energy is an energy management consulting company which provides structured electrical power agreements to save clients money. Their team of highly skilled and experienced professionals has an intimate knowledge of the power markets to help businesses throughout Texas lower their energy bills through skillful negotiations, historical forecasting, and structured power agreements. Comprised of analysts, engineers, and energy professionals with decades of experience in industrial and commercial energy, Translucent Energy was founded in Houston, Texas by Alexander Paul Vitenas and Jonathan Sadik.

Translucent Energy has an unparalleled advantage: a comprehensive understanding of how to strategically negotiate and purchase energy at the lowest possible prices. Their team of energy professionals works with a wide array of suppliers in the competitive electricity marketplace searching for ways to lower energy bills and negotiate for the best possible prices day-in and day-out. The end result is savings for their clients.

Translucent Energy utilizes price forecasting to be fully-equipped to structure power agreements for its clients and negotiates with an array of energy providers to ensure monthly power bills are decreased and clients are not in a position to have to renew in the midst of a forecasted spike in rates. In many cases, Translucent Energy is able to negotiate a contract that will save its customers 10-20% on their monthly power bills and some clients have saved up to 40% or more.

Translucent Energy does not charge clients a commission. Instead, they work with their clients as partners, and commission is earned from the power companies directly for bringing the business. Translucent Energys team of skilled professionals will work as your partners to provide insight and experience in the power community, which will directly translate into energy savings. Clients can have peace of mind knowing they are in a partnership and Translucent is actively advocating for their best interests while managing their energy expenses.

Translucent Energy is now open to small-sized and medium-sized business owners in Houston, Texas who want to start saving on their energy bills.

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