Mobile Advertising – Turn Your Car Into a Mobile Billboard

Turn your car into a mobile advertising billboard using inexpensive vinyl lettering. This is a great alternative to putting ads in the yellow pages for several reasons:

  • You may often drive outside of your local yellow pages coverage area. With vinyl lettering, you can take your YP ad with you – at no extra cost.
  • By using your car to advertise, you don’t have to worry about running out of business cards. Your car will have all of your contact information on it.
  • Roadside billboards are stationery; once you drive by them, the information is out of sight. But if someone is driving behind you, the information stays with them while they’re driving, giving them time to jot down a phone number or website URL so they can contact you later.

So how do you design your mobile billboard? You can design your car’s lettering to have just your business name with a phone number or business name and website URL or all three.

Mobile Advertising – A New Wave in the Ad World

Mobile advertising has become one of the most widely used forms of marketing in Asia. The mobile phone revolution has not only changed the way the people interact but also given a birth to one of the most effective advertising model. Few years back, we all knew that this glitzy device is here to stay but we didn't know it will be used for marketing products and services. SMS gateway India is a growing phenomenon because most of the Indian marketers have opted for bulk SMS which through this gateway reaches faster to the target audience. This low cost and...

If you have a fairly large rear window or an SUV with nice sized side windows, you can add some bulleted key points about your business or what you do, or even a graphic logo to make it attractive.

It’s best to consult with someone who’s experienced in designing lettering for advertising on personal vehicles. They’ll have the best ideas for you based on your type of business and the size and design of your vehicle.

Bullseye Mobile Marketing Adds New 3D Mobile Showcase in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 27, 2011

Bullseye Mobile Marketing based in Atlanta, GA, just announced the addition of their 3D mobile showcase for businesses to highlight their products and displays. The truck consists of a large 3 sided glass wall structure that also has interior lights for nightime visibility. Kyle Taylor, Bullseye's Manager comments, "By using Bullseye Marketing, businesses don't have to wait to advertise to the customer. We can bring the message to the customer in the right geographic and demographic platform and help generate large ROI's for that business."

Bullseye Mobile Marketing is a...

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