Marketing Strategies for Urgent Care

(PRWEB) March 22, 2014

Here are the top 5 areas to get started on for a great urgent care marketing strategy.

Local Search The key things to check here are:
A) Can my target audience find my location in Google Maps, local directories and mobile location finding apps?
B) When they do find my clinic, how does it look? If they cant find you, that is priority one for the local search strategy. If they cant find you, they wont use you. Then, when they do find you, you need to look like the rock star clinic you are. By that I mean glowing reviews, fully filled out profiles, etc. 9 times out of 10 this is not the case. Check out your own listings by searching your clinic on Google and add reviews after your name. You may be surprised at what you find.

Social Networking Yes, your clinic needs to have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + accounts. Not only do you need to have them, you need to be using them Consistently This is one of the most powerful tools available on the internet to connect with your audience. This is the activity that Americans spend the majority of their time on the internet doing. It makes sense to be there with them.

Search Engine Optimization When someone in your local area Googles Urgent Care, where does your clinics website rank? If its not on the first page of results they wont find you. If you are not towards the top of the first page they may see a competitors site and choose to use them before they even had a chance to see your site. There are many things that need to happen to rank higher. That is Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Marketing If you cant take the time or spend the resources to rank higher by following the rules, you may be interested in the Golden Rule. They that pay Google make the rules well, not quite. You can pay to show up in the advertisement or sponsored areas of the search engines. This is a tricky area in which many clinics have wasted some serious money. I would advise having help from experts before investing money here.

Mobile Marketing Last, but not least. Mobile Marketing has almost endless options on how to reach new and existing patients. The majority of the people that use Urgent Care have a smartphone. Its with them all day and charges next to them on the night stand all night. Having a website that is optimized for this is a must. Then you can add having an app for the clinic, text program, etc. This is the biggest market by far. It also adds in elements from the other 4 areas we just disused.

Hopefully this will give your marketing strategies some direction. If you need more than just direction get with us for your free consultation. We can show you where you stand in these 5 areas and put together a game plan to conquer them all. Click Here To Get Started

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