Longbotham Strategic Marketing offers Complimentary Flu Prevention Poster to help Businesses Maintain Productivity during Influenza Season

Scranton, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) February 18, 2014

In celebration of its 26th year in business, Longbotham Strategic Marketing invites employers to download a complimentary Help Squash the Flu Bug poster at http://www.Longbotham.com. Just one component of the creative advertising agencys 2014 Workplace Health and Safety Employee Education Program, the poster is designed to remind staffers to be vigilant about hygiene, to practice healthful habits and to stay home when they're sick. Businesses may use the posters, at no charge, to help educate employees in the hopes of maintaining productivity and profitability during influenza season.

Aside from the obvious health dangers, the flu is risky business for companies of all sizes. When workers are laid up, organizations must deal with the fallout, financial and otherwise. The Center for Disease Control estimates influenza costs businesses around $10 billion annually in employee medical visits.

The flu can dramatically impact worker attendance and productivity, damaging a company's ability to properly and efficiently serve customers. As healthy workers assume more responsibility in maintaining day to day operations, morale can drop quickly. The additional stress may actually make these hardworking individuals more susceptible to illnesses of their own. One sick employee who feels compelled to come to work can set off a domino effect, infecting coworkers and, ultimately, torpedoing the stability of an organization, especially smaller companies. explains Bonnie J. Longbotham, President and Chief Creative Officer of Longbotham Strategic Marketing.

Both absenteeism – evidenced by rows of empty cubicles – and presenteeism – when workers punch the clock despite being ill – can disrupt the daily routine and derail a companys momentum. Something as simple as posters in the lavatory and table tents in the cafeteria can help raise awareness and improve the situation, emphasizes Ms. Longbotham. As we all know, education is the key to prevention.

Longbotham Strategic Marketing's 2014 Workplace Health and Safety Employee Education Program is available for sale in a variety of printed and digital materials: signs, payroll stuffers, table tents, bookmarks, web banners and a screensaver. Call 1-877-897-4613 for pricing and ordering information.

Since opening its doors in 1988 as a full-service marketing, advertising and public relations firm, Longbotham Strategic Marketing has won dozens of prestigious awards that recognize the company's reputation for creating effective sales and marketing solutions. A portfolio of creative work, as well as numerous client testimonials, is available at http://www.Longbotham.com.

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