IMCreator Announces its Brand New Collection of Templates for Mobile Apps

(PRWEB) May 23, 2013

IMCreator, long-renowned for user-friendly but professional website building, now offers an extensive collection of templates specifically aimed at those wishing to create mobile app sites. The service is free, is SEO-friendly, includes a free domain, and unlimited hosting.

Many people today take full advantage of current technology to increase their online presence, and one of the best ways of doing this is to create a website for their mobile apps.

Mobile apps are software applications that are most popularly used for games, instant messaging, and music, but they have commercial uses, too, and many businesses use them to extend their scope beyond the internet. The apps have been designed for tablets, smartphones, and other handheld mobile devices, and they allow users to connect such devices to the internet services that they would normally access via a laptop or desktop computer.

As mobile technology has advanced, so too has the popularity of mobile applications, and many people now use them, so it makes sense for someone to increase his online visibility with a website designed purely for his mobile app. All he needs is an eye-catching website, and IMCreator offers just that with its superb new template collection designed specifically for mobile applications.

IMCreators reputation for great templates speaks for itself, and this new range offers something for every purpose. Each one has been professionally created by IMCreators Design Lab, and will provide the user with a sophisticated and responsive mobile app website. The templates are easy to customize; users simply add their content following the user-friendly guidance. A blank template is also available to enable a user to create his mobile app website from scratch, and IMCreators help button is available should the need for support arise.

For those developing new types of applications for electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers, and so on, IMCreators new mobile app website service is a logical next step after pre-launching their app via, say, LaunchRock, which is used as a launch platform for announcing what is new on the Web.

The Design Lab at IMCreator has always produced top quality templates, and this new collection for mobile apps is another great addition to its range and the service it provides, making it possible for anyone to have a mobile app website that really does stand out from the crowd.

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