How much does your business pay for credit card processing?

Austin, TX (PRWEB) May 15, 2006

This is a very simple question that very few businesses owners can easily answer. Many businesses that accept credit cards do not know exactly what their processing is costing them, or what their monthly payments are specifically going towards. Credit card processing statements are difficult at best to decipher, and companies with large credit transaction volume may as well be looking at encrypted data.

The key to saving money on credit card processing is knowing exactly where your payments are going and what fees are and are not needed. The problem business owners face, is that they just dont have the time to learn everything necessary to understand what they are being charged for. Things like downgrade charges, miscellaneous fees, and monthly charges are often overlooked or assumed to be standard. Businesses may not know altogether what a downgrade charge is, even though half their monthly processing bill may be downgrade charges. Some businesses may not even read their statement each month, in which case they would have no idea if they are paying too much.

The Merchant Equipment Store, a merchant service provider based in Austin Texas, has recently launched a service for business owners, to help them understand what they are paying for when they pay their credit card processing bill. Businesses can send in their statement for a free review of their fees. Within two business days, businesses will get back a report of exactly what their money is paying for, whether any of their fees are unnecessary or excessive, and what they can do to save money each month.

This service is an excellent way for a business to make sure that they have a good processing rate, and that their provider isnt trying to deceive them with miscellaneous or unnecessary fees. This service is completely free, and will be conducted by industry professionals with the utmost security and privacy. All business types can use this free service as long as they are able to provide a processing statement.

What a business can learn from this report is where each dollar they pay for their credit card processing is going. Business owners can learn if they are being overcharged, or if they are being charged unnecessary fees. The report will tell the business if the method that they use to accept credit cards is the best for their specific business. If major problems are found, its possible for a business to save hundreds of dollars per month by fixing those problems. Finally, the report will give specific advice on what the business can do to lower their current processing bill.

Money spent on credit card processing is money taken directly from the business bottom line, so any savings stays directly in the company. Most business owners will agree that if they can save even a little extra money each month without any major work on their part, its worth it. With this report business owners will know if they can and how to save extra each month and they will be better informed regarding their credit card processing bill and any fees listed on it.

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