Derral Eves is a YouTube Marketing Expert and will be featured on Business Rockstars Radio this Thursday

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 07, 2014

Derral Eves is a YouTube Marketing Expertand business strategist who will be featured on Business Rockstars Radio this Thursday, October the 9th. Business Rockstars is hosted by Ken Rutkowski, and is nationally syndicated in over 50 cities nationwide. Derral Eves works closely with creators, channels, brands, corporations and non-profit organization to help them deliver their message to the masses. Ken Rutkowski, the host of Business Rockstars Radio, will be interviewing Derral on his show, as he teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to get the most out of video marketing and increase traffic to their YouTube Channels.

Derral loves to speak around the world to business owners and marketing consultants. He prides himself with the ability to teach others how to better create an online presence, and with his goal setting plans, his passion for life and helping people is one of his greatest assets. He is extremely motivated and loves to share his message with energy and an intensity that can inspire those listening to him. His enthusiasm is contagious as he continues to help others by giving them a strong desire to succeed.

Michael Oliver Voted Number 1 Network Marketing Trainer

(PRWEB) January 7, 2005

MLM Insider magazine ( this week announced the results of the 2004 poll covering the network marketing industry.

Topping the poll in the category for Best Trainer in Network Marketing is Michael Oliver, the founder and principal of Natural Selling Sales Training and the author of the book How to Sell Network Marketing Without Fear, Anxiety or Losing Your Friends

This is the first year that Michael Oliver has been entered in the poll and he leapfrogged over better known trainers to claim top spot in the poll.

Commenting on the result, Michael Oliver said Of course,...

He is highly experienced and has had much success in online marketing and video marketing. Derrals passion is YouTube, video, and video marketing which made him one of the few in the world to be officially certified by YouTube as a YouTube Certified Consultant in Audience Growth. With this, he believes that unique clients deserve unique solutions and thrives on helping his clients finding the answers to help them succeed. He works as a Video Marketing Trainer and YouTube Certified Consultant full time.

With his drive for success, his fascination with computers and technology began at a very early age. He received his BA degree from Southern Utah University in Public Relations and Marketing, and has been in the online marketing industry for over 14 years. Derral started an online marketing company in 2000 and quickly became an experienced marketing expert in converting traffic into dollars, making video views into money, and turning website visitors into clients. He continues to use his expertise to find customers through online strategies.

Derral Eves loves living in Southern Utah surrounded by the majestic views and enjoys the warm weather that comes with it. His love for small town living is where he found his first passion in life, his family. Derral believes that they are the motivating force behind his success and desire to perfect his technique in online marketing.

About Business Rockstars
Business Rockstars is an entrepreneurial business platform driven by radio, television, and social media. Host Ken Rutkowski connects listeners to some of the biggest Rockstar CEOs and entrepreneurs to share their experiences starting, growing and funding businesses. Rutkowski has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, Wired, BusinessWeek, and dozens of other publications worldwide. Rutkowski is a regular guest & correspondent for FOX, NPR, ABC, and was the technology host on CNET. Rutkowski founded and is CEO of METal International (Media, Entertainment, Technology, Alpha Leaders) a powerful 1,600 member organization boasting top CEOs, VCs & Entrepreneurs. Business Rockstars Chairman and Co-founder Steve Lehman was the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Premiere Radio Networks.

About Ken Rutkowski:
Ken Rutkowski is one of the most broadly-informed and connected people in media, entertainment and technology. He is what you would call an Uber Connector, a master at networking. Ken prefers personal telephone calls over e-mails or texts (he tries to call 50-80 people every day).

A dot-commer from the early days, he is a pioneer, being one of the first broadcasters who went from radio out of a small town (Joliet, IL) to broadcasting over the Internet. He saw how big digital was going to be long before radio stations had websites worth visiting, long before social media existed, and long before anyone knew how the smart-phone would take over our lives.

Some of the most recognized personalities that have been guests on his program are: Al Gore, Donald Trump, Larry King, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates and Benjamin Netanyahu, just to name a few. In addition, you could say Ken is a Pundit and a Strategist, helping companies, organizations and governments with insight, strategy and access ultimately empowering them to create high-level events that attract Business Rockstars.

Ken also started a group called METal, which consists of 1,600+ paying members. This group of dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers in the sciences, health, media, entertainment & technology world, meet regularly to collaborate, share experiences and explore new business opportunities. And now, along with Steve Lehman, entrepreneur extraordinaire in his own right, Rutkowski has leveraged his two decades of networking, his Rolodex of CEOs, and his knowledge of the digital space into a syndicated talk show called Business Rockstars. The show focuses on the approximately 30 million aspiring entrepreneurs providing them with knowledge and opportunities beyond their wildest dreams, making Ken Rutkowski, the original Business Rockstar.

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