A New Approach in ECM: Application Driven Solutions

Pittsburgh, PA (PRWEB) January 16, 2014

At Cima Software, a new year means a fresh start to a new approach in Enterprise Content Management. In order to help companies reduce costs and become more productive, Cima Software has developed Cima365 an industry and application focused solution based on the DocuClass platform.

Cima365 is a turnkey ECM solution that offers: functionality, flexibility, usability, affordability, and mobility either as a cloud or as an on premise solution to a variety of industries and business function specific applications. Out of the box, the solution enables users to manage and optimize complex business processes without extensive configurations, customizations, or lengthy deployment. The solution was designed to target application specific needs, but can become inclusive to grow with your business over time.

In the past, a fully customizable solution left customers and potential customers feeling overwhelmed or hesitant. Years of experience has taught Cima Software that giving customers too many choices leads to indecision, so in order to offset the long list of customizable options to the solutions Cima Software has developed a pre-configured, ready to use solution that is still adaptable and scalable to each individual organizations needs. With Cima365, Cima Software has taken the most popular and best features of DocuClass and configured it for specific business applications to simplify customer use.

As of today, Cima365 is available for the following industries and applications: Energy (Energy365), Lending (Lending365), Education (Education365), Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable (Invoices365), and Human Resources (HR365). Cima365 allows the software solution to take care of the tedious processes, so you can focus on what is important. Please visit http://www.cima-365.com to learn more.

About Cima Software:
For the past 10 years, Cima Software has been developing solutions to help companies reduce costs and become more productive by better managing their information. Our mission is to help organizations, regardless of their size, optimize their productivity and competitiveness in this increasingly challenging market. And to provide reliable and high performance, process oriented Content Management solutions that are practical, easily deployable, and cost effective.


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