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Body Awareness Exercises – Body Scan Meditation Video

An intro to body awareness exercises with a body scan meditation video from Mark Walsh of embodied business training providers Integration Training. A short seated “body scan” mindfulness exercise and standing gentle movement body awareness practice. I use these with people to build body awareness for leadership presence, emotional intelligence, stress management, etc. Please […]


5 Essential Elements of a Successful Mobile Website

5 Essential Elements of a Successful Mobile Website The mobile web is exploding; The Gartner Group predicts that by 2013 the number one way people will access the internet will be through their mobile device. With generous 3G allowances and increasing WIFI locations, mobile users can enjoy almost constant connectivity. Whether it’s used for entertainment, […]


Business Tips for Contractors – #015

New products from Kemiko; Hum-B profiler from CDC Larue; Restore concrete with Spray Top cement coating; Why decorative concrete is popular. presents Concrete Network TV.


Mobile Phones – The New Technology With Advanced Features

There has been a number of favorable researches and developments taken place in the last century. One of the most progressive inventions is Mobile phones. It has completely changed the way of communication. The mobile producing firms are launching many new technologies in their devices. In the result, we are getting a large variety of […]


Designing a Mobile Sales App – Add a Customer Name Field to the Customer Information Screen

Explains how Canvas works, with a tutorial for publishing custom applications and filling out forms on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile Smartphones. Tutorials also explain how to configure web reporting and exports of data collected with Canvas mobile apps. Publish hundreds of apps to your Android, BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile Smartphone with Canvas. Visit […]

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