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Zombie Smash Android App Review – CrazyMikeapps

Subscribe: Official Android App Review Web Site: iPad App Download Cost: $0.99 Category: Arcade & Action Developer: Zynga Size: Varies with size Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Store: iTunes App Store. Android App Review, by CrazyMike, For more awesome iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, and Mac video app reviews and demos […]


Radiant Defense

MILLIONS OF ALIENS WILL DIE! They wanted war, let them have it! Build your space fortress and let the invasion begin! Original Soundtrack by Kubatko App Store – Google Play – Windows Phone – Mac App Store – Find out more at


Sim Free Mobile Phones – Backed With GSM Technology

The latest technology makes the life easier and comfortable. In this high-tech world, the modern technology is serving the people in almost every manner possible. For instance, mobile phones have given embodiment to quite a few of our dreams. As a matter of fact, this “on-the-move” communication device allows the users to be in touch […]


How to Get The Most From Your Facebook Advertising Efforts

Do you know what makes Facebook so great, aside from the fact that it has half a billion accounts, is getting more every day and is the fastest expanding social networks on the internet? Around half of the people with Facebook accounts log in each day. So leveraging Facebook’s advertising platform is the way to go today. This article will show you how you can get the most from Facebook’s advertising and get a real return on your investment.


iPhone – Install apps using iTunes

1. Connect your iPhone to your PC 2. Open up iTunes 3. Move to iTunes Stores 4. Search for the apps you want to download and install 5. Click on the Free/Buy button according to the app 6. Once the download completed you can see the apps in the Apps tab 6. Select your device […]


Yapper: Your App Maker (for mobile)

There are a bunch of companies coming along that let you make mobile apps. Here’s Yapper. What does it do differently from the others? Watch the video or visit For one, they make apps for more platforms than their competitors.

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